Reflecting on 2020
This past year tested us all as the pandemic brought social isolation, economic hardship, and severe challenges to our emotional health and physical well-being, as well as a long, overdue national reckoning with racial injustice. Through it all, Safe & Sound’s commitment to strengthening families and protecting children did not waiver. In fact, we doubled down! During these extraordinary times, you helped us respond quickly to unanticipated community needs, find hope in even the smallest victories, and draw on the strength and spirit of our community. It has been an honor to work alongside the entire Safe & Sound team as we jumped into action to adapt to a “new normal.” We pivoted to provide emergency relief resources to our families and community—food and diapers were at the top of the list—and leverage technology to provide virtual programs. Working at the state level, we were awarded emergency relief funds through the California Family Resource Association to support more than 4,000 families across the 26-member Family Resource Center Alliance. Through it all, and with additional private philanthropic support we were able to sustain a vital network with children- and family-serving organizations to expand our reach and meet the urgent needs of our community.
While we cannot predict the next crisis, we are more certain than ever that we are ready. Our organizational strength is because of your investment in our work, which allows us to support families to build on their wisdom and resiliency. Sound communities are made up of individuals and families working together for the well-being of all children. As our local community continues to address the impacts of the pandemic, we know that we can be there for families because of our partnership with you! I invite you to read both the family and volunteer stories in our 2020 Annual Report to learn how this year has tested all of us, and made them stronger. Through their voices you will hear how our work has deepened, our partnerships have expanded, and our impact has grown during this year of unprecedented crisis and resilience.
Heartfelt gratitude,
Katie Albright
Chief Executive Officer
Looking back at 2020, we are reminded of one of the Protective Factors – resilience – managing stress and functioning well when faced with dramatically changed circumstances. Not many of us had “getting through a global pandemic” on our list of worries, but here we are. Within a span of a few weeks, we adapted to a new unexpected and anxiety-riddling way of life. For our families at Safe & Sound, their resiliency continues to be tested every day with the extreme stressors of health concerns, isolation, job loss, and the difficulty in meeting basic family needs. This is further compounded by the exposed institutional and systemic racism that causes disparities for families of color. Safe & Sound is working every day to address inequities and bolster families’ resilience. As family stress escalates, so does the risk of child abuse. Safe & Sound rose to the challenge to ensure that vital and stabilizing support to families continued despite the pandemic’s realities. This was achieved through our collaboration with volunteers, partners, and supporters like you. Your unwavering support provided us the foundation to pivot our services to a virtual format and meet our families’ increased needs. We embrace the new normal as opportunities to build toward a greater future.
Throughout the pandemic and beyond, Safe & Sound will continue to advocate for safe kids, strong families and a sound society without child abuse by raising awareness and engaging the community. We are working at the national, state, regional, and local levels to create a 21st Century child and family well-being system focused on prevention and addressing the disparate impact of child welfare involvement with families of color. On behalf of the board, we would like to say thank you. Thank you for standing with us as we prepare for the recovery services needed in response to the repercussions of COVID-19 to strengthen our families. And thank you for helping advance our goal to end child abuse in our community in two generations. When we stand together – even if we are standing six feet apart – we can see each other through whatever may come. Very truly yours,
Laura Harrison Ward
P. Wayne Osborne
Co-Chairs, Board of Directors
our inspiring families, team members, volunteers, and the programs we offered
Children with a report of maltreatment in San Francisco
Children with a substantiated case of maltreatment in San Francisco
Estimated, cumulative financial impact on the City and County of San Francisco for the 507 verified child survivors in 2020
Click here to learn more about the cost of abuse
During the pandemic, most parents have had the usual challenges of balancing work and raising children made even more impossible with schools, child care centers, and parks closed, as well as the overwhelming fears for the health and well-being of their families. This year, more than any other, Safe & Sound rose to the challenge and doubled down on our mission to prevent child abuse by strengthening families with concrete supports, our responsive hotline, and innovative programs that centered the needs of children.
It’s Kids’ Turn Now and Always
And for the many parents who may be divorced or separated, this year has been even more challenging, leading in many cases to conflict and higher levels of stress. That’s why Kids’ Turn, which centers children in healing, was an essential program.
Kids’ Turn is a six-week educational program to empower children, help them cope with parental separation, assist family members in ways to support their children, and demystify and de-stigmatize the separation process. It serves both parents and children, and has been continuously revised to reflect the socioeconomic and ethnic diversity of the area. The workshop focuses on supporting and securing the well-being of children who are experiencing family separation. Kids’ Turn is committed to the well-being of children by providing their own space to process what is happening, and express their feelings and thoughts in a safe environment. Last year, Safe & Sound offered Kids’ Turn workshop virtually and served approximately 200 parents and 50 children across Bay Area counties.
“It always brings me hope to see how resilient parents are in continuing to support their children, their families, and themselves in the midst of intense adversity and personal breakthroughs and still focused on their parenting and being there for their kids.”
Christine Juang
Parent and Child Education Manager of Safe & Sound
*Lisa, a single parent with a now teenage daughter, participated in the Kids’ Turn workshop three times over the last seven years. Throughout this period Lisa has been in a custody battle with her child’s other parent. It can be exhausting and excruciating for a parent to be in this phase for many years. Through the Kids' Turn program, Lisa has learned to focus and prioritize her daughter over anything else. Her love for her daughter and commitment to support her inspired Lisa to attend the program repeatedly and ensure her daughter gets everything she needs to thrive.
*Name has been changed for confidentiality reasons.
“I was still in high school when I had my daughter and I am not lying when I say it’s been hard on me and her dad. We tried so many times to make it work and we really did not mean to put her in the middle of our fights about custody and everything else—but, that’s what happened, time and time again and I can now see how hard it’s been on her. The Kids’ Turn workshops, and the caring support we got opened our eyes and turned it around for us. I now understand that my daughter needs us to put her first.”
Innovating and Supporting to Serve Through a Pandemic
Children & Family Services:
Children and parents / caregivers supported with telehealth therapy, parent education classes, and other family strengthening programs.
Children who received new gifts from our Holiday Toy store.
The Parent-Child Education programs have been in high demand for parents during the pandemic. Starting with one-on-one support calls that discuss what's needed for their family and then having weekly check-ins, helps to remind parents that they are not alone and lets them know that there is a network of people supporting them. This program gives parents practical tools for more consistent and effective parenting.
"Building a strong relationship with families that come to our center and giving families the tools that they need to be independent and happy is the key for Safe & Sound success."
Cynthia Ho
Playroom coordinator of Safe & Sound
“I know how scary and stressful this time has been for everyone but for my beautiful son, Kenny, who has autism, it was truly awful. With the preschool closed, and no in-person therapy, he was barely sleeping and having tantrums many times a day. I don’t think we would have survived without the support Safe & Sound provided, they kept in touch with me, helped me become the parent Kenny needed.”
Kenny’s mom
Playtime Together Program, a parent and child interactive class, which are held weekly, launched a virtual version, and despite the pandemic saw an increase in attendance! In this program, we focus on building the social and emotional competence that children need to thrive in life. It takes a while for them to learn those skills. Whether it is the playgroup with kids or parent education with parents, we focus on giving the families the skills to be independent and advocate for themselves.
Other kids' oriented “virtual” programs responding to the new reality of the pandemic included Yoga Adventures to keep families active and Homework Club. At the same time we pivoted to virtual Parenting Education programs like Triple P-Positive Parenting Program, Superheroes, Parenting Young Children, Single Parent Network, and more. With our parents, staff and volunteers allied, we were determined to continue our mission in providing support to keep families stable and resilient during these uncertain times.
The Parent-Child Education team provided parenting support to *Kenny's mother through phone calls following the social distancing guidelines. The team focused on educating her about child development, challenges that she and her son were facing, ideas for activities at home, and having a consistent schedule. Once Kenny's mom learned healthy parenting tools, she planned activities to keep her son engaged and worked on his routine. She was also able to advocate for him to return to preschool, invite the behavioral therapist to their home for sessions, and enrolled him in online speech therapy. Kenny’s mother’s resilience helped her son make real progress.
*Name has been changed for confidentiality reasons.
From Uncertainty to Sustainability
In partnership with the Safe & Sound Care Coordination team, *Maria met her goals and helped her family thrive—even during the challenges of the pandemic. With the team’s guidance and encouragement, Maria was able to move her children from an emergency shelter to transitional housing. With the foundation of stable housing, Maria worked with the team to help her children successfully settle into their new school, while she also focused on building her own job skills and resume. In 2020, the family obtained permanent housing subsidies, and Safe & Sound volunteers helped them secure household donations. Now, Maria has a new job, and her oldest daughter is attending university in San Francisco—with her sights set on giving back to her community through social services once she earns her degree.
*Name has been changed for confidentiality reasons.
“When I first came to Safe & Sound in 2018, I was truly desperate—no job, no place to live and trying to care for my babies. The counselor who met me was so caring, really listened and helped me get on track—I finally feel that I am ok and happy that I am providing for my kids what they need."
"The best part of my job is seeing the families reach their goals, meet all their basic needs, and they advocate for themselves. Safe & Sound provides unique services, we are always client-centered and propose options to clients, so they can decide what they want and the best for their family."
Melina Leon
Clinical Care Coordinator for Care Coordination team, Safe & Sound
A Long Journey to Finding “Home”
Students educated in safety awareness
Parents and caregivers trained in child safety awareness
"About two years ago, I finally worked up the courage to leave my country to escape the abuse at home. I left everything I knew, and I wanted to start a new life, far away from the trauma that my eight-year old son and I experienced daily from his father. I never believed that it would be possible for me and my son to feel safe and happy again, but we have been able to survive ."
*Angie initially enrolled in our parent education workshops hoping to better support her son. Understandably, Angie's knowledge of discipline and parenting was based on her own abusive experiences, and unfortunately, this pattern of abuse trickled down into her relationship with her son. Angie was perpetuating intergenerational trauma patterns by repeating the physical violence with her child.
Angie's son was also referred to therapy to address the extreme trauma that he witnessed between his caregivers at home, within his greater community, and from crossing multiple borders to seek safety from it all. He was so angry, confused, and traumatized that he kept a sharp object next to him at night to defend and protect himself and his mother.
Our counselors worked with Angie’s son to help him identify his triggers and regulate his behaviors and nervous system through a variety of racially and trauma-informed modalities including Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). This technique uses eye movement to process memories, which the team helped him heal his traumas and build resilience and optimism.
Angie is an incredibly resilient and resourceful woman. She worked closely with our Clinical Care Coordinator, received her own individual therapy from the counseling team, and graduated from the Positive Parenting Program in addition to attending other support groups offered by Safe & Sound. After one and half years, there is a significant change in Angie, her son, and their relationship with each other. Safe & Sound helped Angie and her son learn how to talk about their traumatic memories in a safe and regulated manner. They have found healing and hope by engaging with our team and the comprehensive set of services provided at Safe & Sound.
*Name has been changed for confidentiality reasons.
"The way I practice as a therapist, especially with children, is to show up as a consistent, reliable, and predictable, and safe adult in their lives. Those simple yet profound elements are important ingredients that help to heal trauma."
Nathalie Olson-Studler
Bilingual Clinician, Safe & Sound
TALK Line: Changing lives for more than 45 years, one call at a time
TALK Line phone counseling sessions
total minutes of TALK Line support for parents / caregivers
Children & Family Services:
Meals to San Francisco children and families
TALK Line is a 24/7 parental stress phone support line that responds to approximately 650 calls per month from families across the Bay Area. We manage this high volume of calls through our Safe & Sound team, and forty dedicated volunteers. The volunteers go through numerous screenings, intense training, and on-going lectures to slowly build their capacity to support caregivers through the challenges of everyday life and parenting.
"Both my wife and I grew up with lots of struggles and when our son acted out, we had a hard time agreeing how to respond, and our conflict made it worse. It got so intense one night, I had to lock myself in the bathroom to keep from doing something I would regret. I knew to call the TALK Line so I could get help before doing something I would regret. They “talked” me down and we got connected again playing video games. I love my son, and I didn’t understand why I got so upset by his behavior. That first call to the TALK Line, led to the support and resources we still get from Safe & Sound, and it has made all the difference in keeping our family together."
When that call came in from *Calvin, who had locked himself in the bathroom, our TALK Line Supervisor could hear *Malcolm banging and screaming on the other side of the door. The skilled supervisor made sure Calvin was alright, asked him to stay on the line, and continued to offer compassionate support. Once Calvin was able to calm down, the supervisor could hear Malcolm on the other end calling his dad to play a video game. The TALK Line supervisor continued to make sure Calvin was OK to leave the bathroom and play with his son. Calvin said,'' I am going to keep calling you until we work it out." The team called the family almost every day for weeks. Through their conversations, Safe & Sound determined Malcolm needed to be assessed. We helped the family cover the cost of Malcolm's assessment and enrolled him in the appropriate treatment programs. Participation in the Safe & Sound Tuesday Night Dinner Program helped wrap even more community support around the family so they could continue to focus on Malcolm's well-being.
*Name has been changed for confidentiality reasons.
"The best part of my job is working with the families. I am so blown away by the resilience our families have. To call and reach out for help is so hard. As a parent, you feel that you are supposed to know everything, but still, at times, you don't know what you are doing"
Molly Jardiniano
TALK Line Manager, serving families through the TALK Line for 25 years
Volunteers delivering support and resources
Total volunteering hours
Total value of volunteer services to our families and the community
Safe & Sound Volunteers: In Their Own Words
Our volunteers brought unparalleled passion to our services and surpassed many milestones. They are both the backbone and the driving force of Safe & Sound, and their words and stories are our inspiration to be the absolute best partners for the families we serve everyday.
Sushi Frausto - Safe & Sound TALK Line volunteer
“Parenting is a hard job. No parent should have to do it alone. It can be hard to speak to a live person in this digital age. I think it is incredible that parents can call the TALK Line anytime to connect with someone who will listen, and to hear a warm, welcoming, and supportive voice. All our parents are amazing people, trying to be the best parent they can. Their willingness to ask for help during a difficult moment inspires me—all for the benefit of their children. They call from their closet, a car, or while walking outside, anywhere they can find a quiet space to reach out. That is resilience. I am impressed that these parents are taking the initiative to reach out, and it is an honor to offer them compassion, support, and resources. I appreciate all the guidance I received from the Safe & Sound TALK Line team back when I was on the other end of the phone, and it means so much to me to now be helping parents in need.”
Shawn Miller Gillam - Safe & Sound Tuesday Night Dinner and the Holiday Toy Store Volunteer
"A few years ago, I was invited to the Safe & Sound’s Annual Blue Ribbon Luncheon. Sugar Ray Leonard was the guest speaker, and he shared his story of being sexually abused by one of his coaches. His words and the energy of the whole event moved me. While hearing Sugar Ray's story, I knew I needed to be a part of Safe & Sound. I started volunteering for the Tuesday Night Dinners, which I still do quarterly. I love seeing and talking with the families and staff—everyone is always so grateful. I look forward to the Annual Holiday Party and Toy Store, and my favorite task is being a Personnel Shopper. The families are always amazed by the opportunity to choose from so many wonderful toys, books, clothes, and games. It is so satisfying to get a big hug and smile for helping them find the perfect gifts for their children. This experience is priceless. I am also a committee member for the Pinwheel Cocktail Party and Annual Blue Ribbon Luncheon. 2020 was my first year at the Fundraising Luncheon, and due to COVID-19, we had to pivot and put the event on virtually. It went off without a hitch, and was a success! I love being a volunteer for Safe & Sound, and I look forward to any opportunity to help out. The staff is amazing, and the families are very special!"
2020 Revenue
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Fundraising Events (net) & Donations
Other Income
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Total Revenue:
2020 Expenses
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Management & General
Total Expenses:
Through generous and one-time funding opportunities last year, Safe & Sound was able to secure a significant increase in funding to accommodate our increase in expenses, as well as secure funding for our partners through the Family Resource Center Alliance. Much of these funds were restricted to support COVID-19 relief efforts, both within Safe & Sound and through the FRC Alliance, requiring Safe & Sound to temporarily hold this funding for release until satisfying the conditions related to those funds’ restrictions.
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Julian del Rosario Benjamin & Donna Rosen Amy Schioldager Kenneth Seegrist Ricardo Segura Fred Sherman Kathy Silva Edmund Solis David & Patti Stadlin Dana Stalder Bettina Steffen Sarah Stein & Michael Cohn David Stone The Swig Foundation Swinerton Mary Taugher & Frank Booth Patricia Tulloch Luis Ulloa Claudia Volpi Christine Wade Walter & Elise Haas Fund Catherine Wertz Sue & Richard Wollack Alexis Woods & Daniel Donahoe Linda & Stanley Wulf Franck Yelles Chun Yip Hilary Zucherman Francesco Zuliani
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Anonymous (221) Sy Aal Kelley Abad Brett Abrams Angel Abrego Richard Acton-Maher Noel Adams Dennis Agnos Amanda Aguirre Saniya Ahmed Michelle Ahn Stefano Alberti Asif Ali Paul Allegretti Jamie Allison Steven Allison Vilma Amaya Amelie Wine Bar Amilya Antonetti Thomas Arackapparampil Julia Arce Lindsay Arellano Rahul Arora J Robert Ashton Christian Atkinson Autodesk Foundation Ilaria Badagnani Erin & Jonathan Badillo Mimi Bae Michael Baer Rowena Baginski Victoria Baigrie Anne Bailliere Keoni Baines Matt Baker Savo Bakrac Ginny Ballantine Michael Baron Gary Barrera Sean Barry Oliver Bayley Sarah Schaedler Beach Lisa Beaumont Jonah Becker Jonathan Becker Sarah Becraft Jeff & Amy Belkora Neville Bendiola Salima Benjelloun Susanna Bensinger Melody S Benteler Daniel Benua Venesa Benyamin Gwinneth Berexa Cary Berman Steven Bernsen Shujan Bertrand Susannah & Carl Bettag Mary Bianco Ashok Galva Bikshapathy Tim Billing Georgeanna Binetti Soraya Bittencourt Heidi Bjornson-Pennell Judith Bley Dan Blumhardt Kathryn Boardman & Toby Knox Rebecca Boone Nicholas Boothby Rod Boothby Luke Boralsky John Bouchard Jessica Bougeja Fred Bould Jim & Viv Bourke James B Bourke Deirdre Bourke Mary Bourke Marc Bown Nicole Boyd Luke & Mary Brady Ann Brady Patrick Brassil Edwin Brock Leonard Brodie Angelique Brooks Ray & Ann Brown Eddie Brown Robin Paredes Brown Sara Broyles Bronwyn & Kevin Brunner Dana Bryson Lawrence Buckfire & Kelly Krueger-Buckfire Therese Bumanglag Garrett & Tanya Burdick Patricia Burleigh Alison Burmeister Constance Burnikel Dustin Burns Rebecca Burnside Kimiko Burton CAL Insurance & Associates Inc. Michael Cameron Michael Campbell Linda Cannon Will Carey Robert Carl & Camille Lewis Cecilia Carlet Colin & Gill Carlile Jennifer & Stephen Carlin Andrea Carlson Lucretia Carney Christopher Carrow Carol Carrubba Elizabeth Caruso Thomas Casey Cristina Castanha Anh Castro Jackie Castrogiovanni David Cattell Avery Cederstrand Claudia Ceniceros Helen Cereghino Micheline Cerra Romy Chakraborty & Sohini Roy Sofia V M Chancey Sameek Chanda Tammy Chang Jianhua Chao Helena Chaye Bart Cheever Kuang-Ting Chen Benny & Agnes Cheung Brittney Chew Jennifer Chilton Manuel Chirouze Eunha Choi John Choi Mansingh Chouhan Erika Christiansen Susan Christman Kathryn Christopher-Douglas Gheeva Chung Robert Chung Shieny Chung Doug Clark Candice Clay Kay Cockerill & Herbert Dann III Gail Cohen Joel Cohen Nancy Cole Lani Coleman Community Thrift Store Maria Cordero Charles Corley Lyda Cort Alessandra Costa Denise Creegan Renee Cresci Enrico Croce Margarita Cruz Nicholas Cruz Priscilla Cruz Paul Cunningham Pat Curtin Lindsey Curtis Richard Curtis John Cuthrell Marcia & Neil Cutler Naozer Dadachanji Daxton Daily Justin Dancer Abigail Dann Alexis Davis Jesse Davis Carol Davison Marra DeGraff Angela Deiana Seema Dekhtawala Ulrike Delling Todd DeSantis Denise Devine Beatrice van Dijk John Dillinger Devon Dinh Tracey Dinneen Martin DiQuattro Anne Dixon J Doherty Donna Dolislager & Alan Johnson Boyd Donckels Jennifer Donohue Todd Dorfman Lauren & Richard Downs Colin Drake DropBox Amit Dua Scott Dunlap Lisa Dunton Maike Dunyak David Durham Brian & Molly Dutkiewicz Rachel Dworak Margo Eachus eBay Foundation Hans Eberle Niamh Egan Erin & Geoff Eisenberg Jessie Ellington David Ellis Gemma Ellis Steve Ellul Hamed Emami Bahadir Erimli Nayely Espinoza David Estrada Lenore Estrada Craig Etlin & Leslie Gordon Susan Eto & David Nicola Lara Ettenson Kjiersten Fagnan Zachary Farnham Ali Faruqi Erik Fenster Eva Fernando FHLBank San Francisco Nicola Finnerty Michael Fisch Kevin Fisher Kent Fitzgerald Marianne Fives David Fleishhacker Megan Fletcher Theodore Flynn Conor Forde Cynthia Foster Jon Fox Victoria Fram Dean Franchi Laura Franchi Rachel Franklin Patrick Fredrick Fremont Group Foundation Melvin Friedman Daniel Froloff Bright Funds Caitlin Furney Harry Gaines David Galea Peggy Galeb Rho Ganpati Monica Garcia Paul Gardiner Bryson Gardner Jennifer Gartland Michael Gates John Gavin Michael Gavino Philip Gerken Mahshid Ghaffari Andre Gharakhanian Sudeepto Ghoshdastidar Michael Giambona Andrew Gibbons David Gilbert Thomas Gilbert Mark Gillman Jamie Gilman Susanne Gilmartin Akiko Giometti Raife Giovinazzo Jeff Givens Stanton & Marsha Glantz Livia Glasgow Alexandra Gleysteen Michele Godwin Emily Goldenberg Shannon Gomes Jefffery Gooding Charles Goodman Ajay Madan Gopal Emma Gordon Lynne Gordon Kaitlyn Gosewehr Marcus Gosling Kimberly Gray Rodney Grebe Allyson Green Lizelle B Green
DARRYL GROSS Kevin Gross Dyer Grote Zhengtian Gu Arindam Guha Gareth Gwyn Marieke Van Den Haak Gina Hageboeck Jeff Hagenah Jim & Sur Hager Halliburton Tamiq Haniff Katie Hansen Rhiannon Hardwick Hanan Hardy Paul Hardy Eric Harstad Ian Hart Margaret Hart Will Harte Brandon Harvey Andrea Hasaka Isabelle Hau Robert Hayashi Donna Hayes Thomas & Terry Hazelton Ryan Hazelton Anthony Heckman Libby Heimark Fran Heller Leonard Hellman & Sarah Dang Hellman Karen Hennessey Anna Hennings Virginia Hernandez Doug Heske Brendan Hickey Andrea Higgins Didier Hilhorst Sara Hillman Adrienne Hirt & Jeffrey Rodman John Hiser & Cheryl Kapchan Eva Ho Ky Hoang Danielle Hohos Holy Name School Homes In The Hood Inc. Andy Hope Sandra Horne Tamara Horton Sinead Hourigan Kris Hovis Erick Howells Ryan Hulegaard Connor Hunt Griffin Hunt Susan Hunt Sonja K Hunter Lisa Ing Yuka Ioroi Rohit Irole John Irwin Dickon Isaacs Yulian Isakov Kenneth Israel Anthony James Jessica Jameson Joshua Jansen Isabella Jaye Katrina Jennings Kathryn E Jessup Debby Jeter Ci Jiang Aaron Joachim Anita John Jiji John Jamie Johnson John Johnson Craig Johnstone Sarah Jolie Leah Joll Surita Jolly Allan & Velva Jones Barbara Jones Cameo Jones Loida Jones Roderick Jones Christina Jordan Florence Jovic Gabrielle Joyce JP Morgan Chase Foundation Deborah Juran Matthew Kahn Catherine Kalessis Parham Kamali Jin Kang Linda & David Kapnick Laurie Kappe Lavinia & Sinan Karahan Ulas Karaoz Debra Kasper & Michael Neville Sobhagya Kaushal Audrey, Miles, James Keane Cathal Kearney Elaine & Jason Keating-Brown Eugene Keenan Shastine Keeney Kimberly Kelly Michael Kelly Steven Kempton Katherine Kennedy John Keough Vanessa Segale Khaleel Paul Kiely Dorothy Kilroy Nora Kim & Rosie Woof David King Henry King Jennifer Kirby Motoko Kiuchi Arline Klatte Lynn Knaus Eleanor Knight & James McGinley Alex Ko KB Koffler Teo Roger Kohler May Kong Dana Kornfeld Bogdan Koval Carl Krass Linda Kreitzman Kim & Matthew Krummel Elizabeth Kuenstler Laura Kujo Toshiko Kujo Aravind Kumaraswamy Jill Kuper Tetsuya Kuraishi Phuong Kwan Remi-Martin Laberge Anne Lai Melissa Lam Emmeline Lan Eilish Lancaster Jamie & Emily Land Calum Land Kirsten Langston Robin Larkin Asma Lat Leilani Latimer Edward Katherine J. Lee & Jeffrey Friedman Iris Lee Jason Lee Jennifer Lee Sonia Lee Megan Lehmer Claire Lei Robert Leinwand Cynthia Leone Akiba Lerner Henry Leung Jing Jing Liang Victor Liang Hollace Liesch Carey Lifschultz Caroline Lim Erik J Lindquist LinkedIn Eric Linser Rosalind Litchfield Kellie Liu Shanshan Liu Chanda & Daniel Lockhart Natalie Loggins Amanda Long Dan Loos Arlenee Lopez Jacqueline Lopez-Wyman Brett Lovelady Fiona Lowbridge Josie Lucier Mark Lynch Ryan Lynch Elyse M Michael Ma Joanna Mackness Bridget C Maher Sheila Mahoney Martine Makower Emily Maloney Mare & Paul Manangan Felecia Manning Elizabeth Manus Franchesta Marbury Gianna Marschmann Shauna Marshall & Robert Hirsch Dominique Marx James & Sheila Mason Applied Materials Jill Matesic & Tim Gilroy Blaine Mauldin Anthony Mazzei Michelle McCarthy Brigid McCaw Bobbie McConnell Patrick McCormack Silas McDermott Caitlyn McDuffee Patrice McElroy Erin McFall James McGrath Stephanie McInnis A. Kirk McKenzie Beth McKillop Murray McKinnell Mike McMahon Ralph McMullan David McPherson Catryn Mead Kathleen Meade William Meeker Christof Meile Gabrielle Mejia Erik Mekkelson Constance Menefee Jamie Merisotis Heidi Merrick Mark Meskin Microsoft Corporation Brett Miller Jeffrey Miller Judy Miller Paul Miller Sharon Milley Shalini Milutinovic Sarah Minnis Nosherwan Minwalla David & Jan Mishel Robert Mison Justin Mitchell Steve Mohebi Cherie Mohrfeld Megan Molinari Kelly Monnot Randy Monteiro Fiona Montgomery Michael Mooney
Daniel OSullivan Judith Ottoson Michael Paganucci Su-Moon Paik & Bob Brown Suzy Pak & Mark Gundacker Jacqueline Pallas Alkey Pandya Alex Pedenko David Pelcyger Marina Pelosi Kim Perkins Jonathan Perrelli Amelia Peters Iris Peters Susan Petersen PG&E Corporation Foundation PG&E Company Virginia Pierce Kenneth R Pitzer Diana Podrobinok Scott Pogorelc Toni Presta Ericka Pretari Julia Del Prete Amy Price Andrew Price Silvia Cruz Prieto Lisa Stone Pritzker Prudential Foundation Kale Ptacek Mario Puccinelli Claudia Fuentes Pugay Jeff Pulvirenti Stanislav Radchenko Jennifer Raike Lindsay Rainwater Latha Raman Thomas Ramet Habran Ramirez Amie Ranum Sarah Rardin Melissa Rath Valerie Ravenna Kimberly Reagan-Hackett Nicholas Reidy Tamar Resnick Laura Reuther Mary Revord Elizabeth Rice Micah Rice Matthew & Julia Richards Rigel Pharmaceuticals Heather Righetti Angela Roberts Taylor Robinson & Casey Ketterling Walter Robinson Martha Rock Diego Rodriguez Marisa Rodriguez Luana Romaniello Jennifer Romney Arlene Rosen Brian Roslund Rama Rothe Ellen Rothmann Nichole Rouillac Marie Rowell Rum Ltd Anthony Russell Deaglan Ryan Kerry Ryan Viveka Rydell-Anderson Rajeev Saggar Roxan Saint-Hilaire Amanda Salzman Nicklaus Salzman Simon & Shirpa Sampson Reuben Sana Frances Sanahuja Erik Sandvik Stephanie Sargent Shaun Sauer Alan Saunders Aziz Sawaf Hannah Sawchak Scott Saywell Amy Scandurra Kerry Scanlon Nicole Scano Kelly Scheib Charlene Scheil Lauren Schiefer David Schneider Marc Schuback Lauren Schwartz Leslie Scott Kate Scow Rebecca Sears Angela Sebastiana David Sedath Steve Segovia Kenneth Sellers Odom Serey Ian Serrato Jeanmarie Sganga Suken Shah Tom Shalvarjian Luke Shardlow Aaron Shay Jacob Shea Philip Shecter Debra Sheehan Jackie Sheely Hannah Shefsky Aevanne Sheoighe Adam Sherer Dinraj Shetty KJ Shockey Matthew Simon Susan Simon & Joel Aronowitz Mike Simonian Beth Singer David Sirbu Karen Skelton Stephani Slater Jennifer Sloan Amazon Smile Fern Smith Philip Smith Smule Inc Michael Paul & Sandra Smuts Steven Snyder Rhona Snyman Andrea Sobrado John Solomon Patrick Sorensen McLain Southworth Bette Spagel Gregory Spallas Joy Spicer Lisa Spinali Kerri Spruston Cherish Stamper Robert Stang Emily Stanojev Edward Stark Hilary Steinberg Julie Steinmetz Kimberly Steinmetz Sharon Steuer & Jeff Jacoby Barbara F Stevenson Devin Stewart Karin Stiles Kelsey Stiles-Wilson Jessica Stitt Tricia Stone & Chapin Koch Tiffany Stonebraker Michael Strasser Charisse Stratford Myron Sugarman & Cynthia Woods Stuart & Lisbet Sunshine Phil & Rebecca Susser Esta Swig Michelle Tallin David Tateosian Lindsay Taylor Delia Teixeira Daniel & Jody Terralavoro Lambros Theofanidis Jenn & Ahin Thomas Patricia & Paul Thomas Nigel Thomas Richard Thomas Jaqi Thompson Lynn Thompson Suzanne Thornley Clio Tilton Hope Timberlake Yvonne To Good Today Donal Toomey Marsha Torkelson Julian Torres David Tran Isabel De Trinidad Brendan Trosper Susan Tryon Annie Tsai Mindy Tsoi Kuan-Chieh Tu Angela Ty Ekaterina Uraltceva Perry Vais Antonio Valeri Eric Vanuska Joanne Vargas Johanna Vater & Jeff Diamond Salvador Velasco Vijayakumari Venkatasubbarao Lisa Versaci Isaac Villanueva Albert Villapiano VMware, Inc Jeff Vu Lilly Vu Bhavik Vyas Obie Scott Wade Kei Wakabayashi Anthony & Deb Waker Lori Wakil Jessica Walitt Susannah Wallenstrom Marc & Tina Walliser Shi Wang Yizheng Wang Darrin Ward Elizabeth Ward Richard Ward Cathie Bennett Warner Judith Webber Donna Weeks Jen Weiss Tim Welch Ruthanne Welling Duncan Wheeler Kristine White Paul Whitney Kara Wiard Marie Wienckowski John Wiese Annie Williams & Harry Shulman Beth Williams Kenneth Williams Mary Williams Julie Wilson Richard Wilson Rick & Gale Winningham Deborah Wittenwyler Frederick & Madeleine Wolfe Veronica Wolff Fiona Wong Jeanie Wong Kristina Wong Thomas Wong William Wong Anita Woo & James Topinka Jeffrey Wood Kristin Wood Anthony Woolf Chris Wragg Eric Wu Jing Wu Pauline Wu Nancy Yamamoto Rachel & Kevin Yeaman Linda Yellich Suresh Yeola Eric Yip Elaine Yoffie Lawrence You Karen Young Margaret Young Mark Young Umer Yousafzai Borhan Yousefi Andre Yousefi Lisa Yousefi Cecile Yu Elaine Yu Jennifer Yu Richard Yurman Aamir Zakaria Clara Zarabanda Marco Zavaroni Reigin Zawadzki David Zeff Renee Zellweger Liya Zhang Nathalie Zhen Qiannan Zhu Lauren Ziegler Megan Zmerzlikar Susan Zolezzi Joanne Zorkendorfer Rico Zorkendorfer Vivien Zraick & Ben Rosenfield Zan Zuna
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Mia Macaspac Jillian Manus & Rob Chesnut Dana Marek Gabrielle Mejia Mellon Shawn Miller Gillam & Matt Gillam Nick's Sticks by Wenzel's Farm Noosh Brands Old Republic Title Company Diana Owyang Kaysie Pezzella Jarrod & Catherine Phillips Michelle Reyes Katie & David Riester RISE Brewing Co.
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Jason Di Piazza Sylvia Deporto Mary J. Hansell, DrPH, PHN, RN Anthony Heckman Aparna Kota, M.D. Hilary Mendola Linda Moore
Jarrod Phillips Katie Riester Christopher C. Stewart, M.D. Neeracha Taychakhoonavudh Douglas Tom Clarence Wooten Lareina Yee
Sharon Bell, Retired, San Francisco Human Services Agency
Allen Nance, San Francisco Juvenile Probation Department
Mary J. Hansell, DrPH, PHN, RN, Retired, San Francisco Department of Public Health
Linda Moore, Retired, San Francisco Office of the District Attorney
Kimiko Burton, San Francisco Office of the City Attorney
Shannon Thyne, M.D., Professor of Pediatrics, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Ray Brown
Robert Callan, Jr.
Carol Caspe
Frank J. Caufield*
Sydney Goldstein
Daniel Hershkowitz
Susan Kirk
Isabelle Lemon
James Lee
Suzanne Maloney
Suzy Pak
Wes Sen
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Cheryl Jennings
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Kyle Naganuma
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Joshua Halvorson Shimina Harris Ryan Hazelton Cynthia Ho Daphne Humes Ashley Jackson Jessica Jaime Molly Jardiniano Ryan Jones Christine Juang Nora Kim Steve Kim Cameron Kinslow Anibal Lara-Ramirez Edward Lee Melina Leon Iona Lewis Vivien Li Maribel Lopez-Romero Eduardo Mayorga
Katie Albright Cera Arthur Tom Benson Suzanne Bergeron Jennifer Bing Karen Blanco Brian Byrdsong Pamela Candelaria Jessica Chau Christopher Cobb Shannon Cogen Andre Cruz-Hill Jillian Deblanc Charlie Dwyer Helena Edwards Ricardo Eugenio Jasmine Frye Malcolm Gaines Brianna Green Vrinda Gupta
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