Reflecting on 2022
Dear Friends,
Moving into our fifth decade of strengthening families and communities, 2022 was a year of bold action, strategic reflection, and thoughtful transition.
Always inspired by the strength and resilience of our client families, we increased the supports we provide every day, while also looking forward and taking action with communities on new ways to strengthen families.
We bolstered our own internal strength by reflecting—with community and family partners—on four decades of learning. The resulting strategic plan sets a clear course for continued growth and leadership at the local, state, and national levels. And we began to plan for an organizational transition as our CEO, Katie Albright, announced her decision to leave her role after 16 years of dedicated and successful leadership.
We invite you into our annual report to read about the accomplishments, see the impressive reach and impact, and learn more about what lies ahead.
Brian Byrdsong,
Interim CEO, and  Chief Development Officer
Bold Action
Thanks to your generosity of time and resources, and the commitment of our talented Board of Directors and Safe & Sound team, 2022 brought increased supports for local families:
Parenting support was provided through over 6,500 TALK Line phone counseling sessions, and nearly 3,000 children and their parents or caregivers received other family strengthening programs including therapy and parent education. The overall number of individuals served in 2022 was 13% higher than the previous year.
Through our leadership engagement in 23 partnerships, we helped to adopt and refine 33 policies and protocols to improve San Francisco’s family support and abuse prevention and response systems.
At the state level we helped build momentum to change the way systems respond to families living in vulnerable circumstances:
By navigating California Assembly Bill 2085 through the State Assembly, we helped to change the definition of general neglect to minimize the number of families reported into child welfare who could safely remain together with the right community services and supports.
We further built the movement toward a family and child well-being system by collaboratively writing a paradigm shifting issue brief with detailed guidelines on how to move from mandated reporting to community supporting.
And we developed a comprehensive Data Playbook for Prevention Action Planning to support counties in their commitment to keep families safely together.
Strategic Reflection
We collaborated with partners and communities to create a strategic plan that lays out a path of service that fully leverages the expertise from our merger with the Center for Youth Wellness. Together we are expanding our understanding of, and taking action on the intersection of child abuse, neglect, and trauma.
Thoughtful Transition
In 2022 we began to map out this next chapter for Safe & Sound, starting with our deep gratitude for Katie Albright, under whose 16-year leadership, Safe & Sound has become a nationally recognized children’s advocacy organization—named one of the nine best primary abuse prevention practices in the country dedicated to improving the safety, health, and well-being of children and families through services, education, collaboration, and advocacy. 2023 promises to be another year of bold, strategic, and thoughtful action as we join together with partner-families, communities, and our generous supporters, to create a future where all children, families, and communities are safe, supported, and loved.
In partnership,
Brian Byrdsong
Interim CEO, and Chief Development Officer
To Our Safe & Sound
“All I want to learn is to be a good mom.” Those words from *Camila, a client who first walked into Safe & Sound years ago perfectly sums up why we are all here. Camila was raised in Central America, surrounded by violence in her home and community. However, like many of our clients, Camila’s story shows what is possible when caregivers receive the support they need to break cycles of abuse, grow personally and as a family, and build a loving and supportive environment for their children.
Because of her hard work and with the support offered by Safe & Sound Clinical Care Coordinators, today Camila is documented, has permanent housing, a full time job, and has even recently gotten married. She is happy. And other caregivers share similar stories. Safe & Sound has helped countless caregivers like Camila build pathways toward being the kind of parent they want to be.
* Name has been changed for confidentiality purposes
"Safe & Sound truly listened to me, and helped me mentally, emotionally, physically, and socially to focus on nurturing my relationship with my child. When I was struggling as a parent, they provided me with tools and classes that helped me see the problems from a different angle. This gave me awareness that I needed to work on myself so I wouldn't repeat some of the less effective parenting styles that I saw as a child. Now I can communicate better with my child, and show the love and nurturing that have always been in my heart. Thanks to Safe & Sound, I can honestly say that I am the happiest and most content I have ever been in my life."
Mom and Safe & Sound Client
Camila’s story, and countless others like hers, illuminate the benefits of building strong and supportive communities. Safe & Sound has always been at the forefront of building community, and our momentum truly increased in 2022 with work to shift policy in support of families thriving together. We shepherded Assembly Bill 2085—approved by the Governor in September 2022— to redefine neglect, and side-by-side with many partners, we released an issue brief with recommendations for shifting to communities that support, not report, families.
Although we always work in partnership across our communities, much of this success would not have been possible without our longtime and beloved leader Katie Albright. Thank you for sixteen years of opening your heart, and expanding our minds, to what is possible for families.

As we move forward into 2023, we do so with inspiration from Camila and so many other families who share their strength with us every day. The momentum that we are building to strengthen communities will replicate their experiences across California and the country. Only by working together with families, partners, and governments, can we prevent child abuse, neglect, and trauma, and reduce its devestating impact.
And finally, we recognize that Safe & Sound’s impact on the individual, family, community and statewide level could not be accomplished without the ongoing commitment of our donors, volunteers, and dedicated team members. Thank you.
We look forward to even greater impact—together—in 2023!
P. Wayne Osborne
Sarah H. Whitelaw
P. Wayne Osborne,
Co-Chair, Board of Directors
Sarah H. Whitelaw,
Co-Chair, Board of Directors
Charting a New Path Forward
In early 2022, Safe & Sound embarked on an ambitious process to refine our mission and develop a three-year strategic plan with a path of service that fully leverages the expertise from our merger with the Center for Youth Wellness (CYW). Together, we are helping people understand and take action on the intersection of child abuse, neglect, and trauma. Our vision for a future free from childhood trauma, where all children, families, and communities are safe, supported, and loved, has been reaffirmed in our new strategic agenda.
The Future We Want To See
Safe & Sound envisions a future free from childhood trauma, where all children, families, and communities are safe, supported, and loved.
Safe & Sound prevents and reduces the impact of childhood abuse, neglect, and trauma. We do this by strengthening families, building communities, and advancing healing, equity, and justice.
Priorities To Advance Our Vision
One of our overarching priorities is to create pathways toward healing and equity by being a trauma-informed system that can improve community wellbeing for everyone.
We are doing this through programs that will create cohesion and reduce toxic stress by weaving together Protective Factors—parental resilience, social connections, concrete support in times of need, knowledge of parenting and child development, and social and emotional competence of children—and Domains of Wellness—an evidenced-based set of skills co-created by CYW that actively build resilience and buffer the effects of toxic stress.

By focusing our efforts on embedding the integration of these models, along with the foundational tenets of Trauma-Informed Systems and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), we can bring intrinsic value to our understanding of preventative services, allowing us to be more strategic—and data-driven—in our programmatic ability to serve the families we support.
Our Strategic Priorities
These are primary objectives that Safe & Sound has strategically committed to focus on for the next three years.
Pathways Toward Healing & Equity
Safe & Sound strives to be a healing organization and lead within a trauma-informed system to improve community wellbeing for everyone.
Collective Impact
We seek to continuously improve our programming to better meet the needs of children, families, and community at the local, state, and national level.
Operational Clarity
We understand the importance of workplace wellness through effective communication; expanded training; and, people-centered, equitable, and data-driven decisions and infrastructure enhancements.
Sustainable Growth
We recognize and support the potential of all employees, volunteers, donors, investors, and partners to further our vision, mission, and values.
The Values That Guide Us
Moving into Action
In 2022, Safe & Sound played a significant statewide leadership role in shifting the paradigm toward family strengthening—in partnership with families, communities, and systems. We did this by providing multiple new resources, advancing essential policies, and deepening local, state and federal commitments to a more collaborative approach to reducing child abuse, neglect, and trauma. As a community-based organization dedicated to strengthening families, building communities and nurturing childhoods, Safe & Sound advanced the goal of Child Abuse Prevention Month with the following resources to support prevention and family strengthening efforts.
The Data Playbook for Prevention Action Planning
Safe & Sound collaborated with many state and local partners to facilitate the numerous prevention efforts developed in the Data Playbook. The Data Playbook for Prevention Action Planning guides you through the essential steps for selecting a data framework, gathering relevant quantitative and qualitative data, applying the most appropriate analysis techniques, and sharing data and stories to engage communities and key stakeholders in this vital process to strengthen families.
The Economics of Child Abuse in California and its Counties
In addition to the individual, family, and community trauma, California's communities incurred $24.4 billion in economic impacts due to child abuse and neglect in 2022, a sum that could send 2.03 million children to preschool. The Economics of Child Abuse makes clear the economic impact of child abuse and neglect, and provides data to support the importance of prevention. Explore this interactive tool to learn more about the economic impact of child abuse and neglect for your county.
Recommendations for Transforming Child Abuse Prevention
In 2022 Safe & Sound published an Issue brief - Creating a Child & Family Well-Being System: A Paradigm Shift from Mandated Reporting to Community Supporting, to initiate a community dialogue and inform policymakers and stakeholders about strategies to shift our current system of mandated reporting to community supporting to keep families strong and together. The recommendations in the paper draw from our 50 years of experience in supporting children, parents, caregivers, and families living in vulnerable circumstances, and from serving as San Francisco's Child Abuse Prevention Center and designated trainer for mandated reporters of suspected child abuse and neglect. This Issue brief provides additional data, perspectives, and actionable recommendations for creating a community pathway that supports and strengthens children and families
To shift the current structure of mandated reporting to community supporting Safe & Sound is working in partnership with key stakeholders, including California state child abuse prevention leaders, county child welfare directors, innovative community-based organizations, those with lived expertise, and collaborative funders. Recently, the Child Welfare Council (CWC) approved a statewide Mandated Reporting to Community Supporting Task Force along with a State Community Pathway Advisory Group. Task Force along with a State Community Pathway Advisory Group to advance this work.
Lunch & Learn Series
The Facts and Faces of Prevention
"After attending several of the 'Lunch & Learn' series webinars, it was clear that the information and resources offered were relevant to the prevention work we do as a CAPC. Thank you so much for all the latest in Mandated Reporting and Social and Emotional Development. The information we received helped us plan our own activities for our community"
Amanda Guajardo
Executive Director, Tulare County CAPC
Safe & Sound developed a virtual Lunch & Learn series for our community and system partners, and individual supporters, to continue learning about the work  of Safe & Sound to reduce child abuse, neglect, and trauma. The three-part series titled, "The Facts and Faces of Prevention" expanded our collective understanding of the difference between abuse and neglect, and discussed the role we can all play in keeping children safe. The series—attended by over 1,000 people across the state and country—brought engaging conversations moderated by Safe & Sound's former CEO, Katie Albright, and distinguished panelists from child welfare and community-based organizations, the Safe & Sound team, and clients with lived experience and expertise.
2022 Lunch & Learn Panelists
Katie Albright, CEO of Safe & Sound
1st Webinar
Changing the Narrative of Abuse and Neglect.
This session expanded our understanding of the definition of abuse and neglect, and  presented data that shows a strong correlation between poverty and  allegations of neglect.  Parents and caregivers need ongoing, holistic support to boost their protective factors, and  we all have a role to play in keeping children safe and families strong.
Gatanya Arnic, Executive Director of the Center for Youth Wellness (CYW) and Chief Strategy Officer of Safe & Sound
Joan Miller, Deputy Director, Family and Children’s Services, San Francisco Human Services Agency
Wendy Wiegmann, Project Director at California Child Welfare Indicators Project (CCWIP)
2nd Webinar
Shifting From Mandated Reporting to Community Supporting.
This session on moving from intervention to prevention expanded our understanding of mandated reporting, and what it might entail to shift to building a community pathway that strengthens families where they live. The conversation paved the way for releasing the Safe & Sound issue brief, Creating a Child & Family Well-Being System: A Paradigm Shift from Mandated Reporting to Community Supporting. The audience left inspired by the once-in-a-generation opportunity to reimagine the mandated reporter system to a community support system based on the number of transformative new policies, newly available resources, and significant alignment  in policy maker and public opinion on the topic.
Heather Briscoe, MD, Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, UCSF
Justin Lee, Senior Director of Strategic Consulting for Los Angeles County, Casey Family Programs
Shelley Lopez, Parent Engagement Coordinator, ParentsCAN
William Roy, Associate Director for Community Education & Partnerships, Safe & Sound
3rd Webinar
SHINING A SPOTLIGHT ON SUCCESS Role of Community Pathways to Keep Families Safe and Sound.
This discussion expanded our collective understanding of the vital role community pathways play for families—providing support with no shame, blame, or stigma. Community Pathways work when they meet families where they are and make it easy  to navigate across different systems to access strengthening services and supports.The conversation emphasized the vital role Family Resource Centers (FRCs) play in creating robust Community Pathways, and the need for additional funding of FRCs across the state.
Cesnae Crawford, Senior Executive Director,
Urban Services YMCA
Malcolm Gaines, Senior Clinical Projects Director, Safe & Sound
Melina Leon, Senior Program Manager for Care Coordination, Safe & Sound
Erika Leyva, Parent and Safe & Sound Client
Ingrid Mezquita, Executive Director, San Francisco Department of Early Childhood
*Erika’s Journey
Sometimes Life Can Challenge a Family’s Strength
Erika Leyva was born in the U.S. and grew up in Mexico. She fled back to the U.S. with her four children to escape domestic violence. While in an emergency shelter, she connected with Safe & Sound to get support in registering her children in school.
The Right Support Can Help Families Stay Strong
Erika connected with the Integrated Family Services (IFS) program at Safe & Sound, a more intensive level of services offered to families living in conditions that create the highest risk for child abuse and neglect. Through this program, Erika worked with the Care Coordination (CC) team and moved her children from an emergency shelter to transitional housing. The CC team worked closely with Erika, provided the guidance and encouragement that helped her remember her own personal strength so she could learn new skills, build a resume, find a full-time job, set clear family goals, and gain access to available resources and support to meet her goals. Today, Erika and her family have a new home, and Erika has a new job and a clear path to continue developing the skills she wants to build an even better life for herself and her children.
“I found solutions to many of my problems because of Safe & Sound. If I hadn't met Safe & Sound staff, I would have stayed depressed, and my girls wouldn't be who they are today. Safe & Sound listened to my problems, guided me, and helped us get a stable life. Today, we have a house to sleep in, food to eat, and the girls are studying well, and the best part is that we understand each other well as a family. Thanks to Safe & Sound!”
“I love the work we do here at Safe & Sound, and our services are unique, and we customize services depending on clients' needs as much as possible. We support the families and let the clients make their decisions, as we are client-centered and client-focused.”
Melina León
Senior Program Manager - Care Coordination
*Camila’s Story
Sometimes Life Can Challenge a Family’s Strength
"All I want to learn is to be a good mom," said *Camila, who walked into Safe & Sound a few years ago. Raised with physical discipline and surrounded by community violence, Camila decided to escape with her child from Central America.
When she came to Safe & Sound, she found the service and support she needed and wanted to become a better mom.
The Right Support Can Help Families Stay Strong
Camila started attending parenting classes like Triple P-Positive Parenting Program, Parenting Young Children, Single Parent Network, and ACT Raising Children in Safe Environments program.

She worked closely with the Care Coordination team who focused on providing her with parenting tools and information about child development, and assisted her in planning activities for Camila and her child to do together. With the new information and parenting tools, she understood she needed to work on herself and stopped seeing her child as the problem.
Camila started attending a SELF-support group where she could share her concerns with other parents who had experienced similar situations, think about problems differently, and challenge past experiences. It helped her communicate well with her child, and figure out how to heal and move forward.

With the Clinical Care Coordinator’s help, Camila applied for asylum and it was granted. She was then able to move her child to a more inclusive school environment, receive financial support to move into a safer community, and obtain permanent housing subsidies. She was focused and resilient, built her skills, attended ESL and computer classes, and now has a full-time job.

A year ago, she got married. She has shared that she is the happiest she's ever been having a content and healthy family.
“When individuals get mental and physical health support, I firmly believe they can journey through life focusing on safe, stable, nurturing relationships and move away from harm. At Safe & Sound, we support our clients in many ways-- mentally, emotionally, physically, and socially. Not all families need the same level of support, it varies. We listen and connect with our clients , tailor the service they need, and help them find tools and the right resources. We don't do the work for clients, but we work with the clients so they can be resilient and feel stronger themselves moving forward.”
Sushi Frausto
Clinical supervisor
*Sara’s Story
Sometimes Life Can Challenge a Family’s Strength
*Sara, a single mother with two young girls, heard about Safe & Sound when Child Protective Services (CPS) became involved with her family. Sara knew she would benefit from resources about parenting and support, and quickly learned that Safe & Sound was available to everyone—and is an organization that supports families so every child can grow up in a nurturing, safe, and loving environment.
“Safe & Sound provides critical services to families living in vulnerable situations. My goal is to provide culturally affirming programming and concrete support to ease the levels of stress the families have to navigate. When I see a caregiver or a parent utilizing the resources and tools we provide to handle a crisis by either reaching out to us to advocate on their behalf or taking action on their own, when they would not have done so in the past, It helps me to know our methods are working.”
Lydia Vincent-White
The Right Support Can Help Families Stay Strong
The Safe & Sound Clinical Care Coordination (CCC) team connected Sara with a parent educator to enhance positive parenting practices promoting safety, well-being, and permanency for children and families.
Through our Integrated Family Services, Sara and both of her daughters received Individualized Educational Plan services—as one child was having disruptive behavior at school, and the other did not attend school. The girls and Sara received support from the clinical care team, and the CCC team even accompanied the girls to hospitals and schools as part of the family services plan.
After participating in nearly every available family strengthening service offered at Safe & Sound, Sara's story has a new chapter of success. Because of their active work with Safe & Sound, Sara and her daughters are thriving together and are no longer at risk of child welfare involvement.
Sara parented her children through the challenges and gained tools to support her family for a lifetime. She and her daughters are stronger and thriving, and yet they still enjoy staying connected to Safe & Sound by actively participating in all family events.
“Safe & Sound is the closest thing I have to an extended family.”
Quote from Client
“We collaborate and work closely with service providers to ensure they have all the resources they need and are well-equipped to strengthen and support families living in vulnerable conditions. As a team, we support providers by offering training opportunities to learn new skills, find resources, and add new tools to their toolbox. I feel good about creating safe spaces for service providers to be able to connect with staff from other community-based organizations and share resources to help their clients receive the support they need.”
Ricardo Eugenio
SFFSN Coordinator, San Francisco Family Support Network

2022 Program Stats

Children with a report of child abuse and neglect in San Francisco
Children with a confirmed cases of child abuse and neglect in San Francisco
Estimated cumulative financial impact on the City and County of San Francisco for the 479 verified child survivors in 2022
Did you Know?
The money saved by preventing all abuse and neglect in the City and County of San Francisco could:
kids to preschool
Pay for
kids to receive a 4-year college education
Learn more about your county rates of child abuse and neglect.
Children & Family Services:
Children and parents / caregivers supported with telehealth therapy, parent education classes, and other family strengthening programs.
Children celebrated winter holiday and other special holiday events
virtual educational classes and workshops to families
Meals to San Francisco children and families.
of families served through our integrated programming for at least 9 months met their self-identified goals correlated to improved Protective Factors that strengthen their families and keep their children safe.
Community Education:
Students educated in safety awareness.
Parents and caregivers trained in child safety awareness.
TALK Line:
TALK Line phone counseling sessions.
Partnership & Policies
Engaged in
partnerships; adopted and refined
policies and protocols to improve the City's family support and abuse prevention, and response systems
children and caregivers were served through Safe & Sound Programs and supportive services.
"Working as the Director of Data & Evaluation really means I'm given the responsibility of creating trust between our external stakeholders and our internal teams. The two may never speak and yet they are integral to one another. I don't take my role lightly. I know now is the era of change where data and evaluation can be used as supportive tools to bring about healing."
Dr. Bre Gentile
Senior Director,
Data & Evaluation and Product Design

Volunteer Corner

Volunteers delivering support and resources
Total volunteering hours
Total value of volunteer services to our families and the community.
(Current Estimated National Value of Each Volunteer Hour Is $29.95)

This is where your support went in 2022

Government Grants
Fundraising Events (net) & Donations
Foundation & Corporate Grants
Other Income
In-kind Revenue
Total Revenue
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