Reflecting on 2021

Dear Friends

As you read our impact report this year, I hope you will join me in celebrating our collective sense of renewal and rebounding from more than two years of the isolation, hardships, and stress from the pandemic. While we continue to all be tested many times over, I say with gratitude that the Safe & Sound community has responded effectively again and again. This report shares stories of many of the resilient families with whom we are privileged to partner, as well as highlights impressive numbers in terms of families reached, communities served, resources and volunteer hours generously donated, and progress made towards more equitable and healing practices.
At the local level, thanks to the generosity of our community and the dedication of our talented team, here are just some of the highlights of our impact in 2021:
We reached 2,995 children, parents, and caregivers with one-on-one services, including therapeutic child care visits, parenting consultation, education, and children’s social-emotional learning activities—many offered online during the pandemic. The overall number of individuals served in 2021 was 29% higher than the previous year.
We ensured that children and families growing up with Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) in our community were able to access care through our merger with the Center for Youth Wellness (CYW).
We successfully advocated to support families through the 26-member Family Resource Center (FRC) Alliance for which we provide backbone support, meeting with city policymakers, providing public testimony at hearings, and securing $25+M in additional funding for FRCs over the past two years. These FRCs provide crucial support to more than 43,000 parents, caregivers, and children living in the most vulnerable circumstances and serve as a vital lifeline for families and their communities throughout the pandemic by providing concrete supports (food, diapers, PPE), housing, and help with their children's schooling.
At the state level, we advised policy makers on critical legislation sharing our experience and guidance based on practice, data, and expertise in prevention. Most notably, we updated The Economics of Child Abuse: A Study of California and Its Counties and incorporated new data on our website for this most recent year as an essential tool for prevention in local communities.
And, at the federal level, carrying forward CYW’s groundbreaking work, we were one of ten organizations among thousands of applicants selected to receive direct federal funding from the Human Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). Over the next three years, HRSA will support our work on screening and interventions for ACEs in primary care settings throughout the country. By studying our training model with enhanced learning technology, across several different healthcare settings, this project will provide critical information to national health care leaders to determine how to best integrate an ACEs, toxic stress, and trauma-informed framework into pediatric primary care and how to effectively integrate screening and its results into patient health care management.
Moving forward in 2022, we continue to deepen our local work to keep families safe and strong and take our lessons learned to support the many prevention initiatives across the state and nationally.
Heartfelt gratitude,
Katie Albright
Chief Executive Officer

To Our Safe & Sound Community:

One of the many things we appreciate and celebrate in our roles as co-chairs are the stories of the children and families in our Safe & Sound community. Beyond and behind the numbers are the struggles that bring our neighbors to our doors and the many ways Safe & Sound meets those needs, with concrete goods and non-judgemental, holistic support.
In this report, you will hear directly from one of our Safe & Sound clients—Doris, a mom of two young boys, who was overwhelmed with the challenges of parenting. Doris was relieved to find Safe & Sound close to her house. She started her journey with Safe & Sound through the Parenting Young Children Support group and shared with us how the organization has been a pillar of strength for her family and helped them progress through their challenges. She was able to continue to utilize all the programs consistently throughout the pandemic when Safe & Sound pivoted to virtual services. Another client who benefited from Safe & Sound support is Maya, a single mom who recently moved into the US with her kids. Maya was swamped with the process of navigating social services agencies to receive essential support for her family. She initially attended our Parent Drop-In sessions to learn about the services provided so that her children would have a supportive environment. The Clinical Care Coordination (CCC) team provided guidance and helped her set goals and secure services for her family. With the CCC team's assistance, she received an ESL (English as a Second Language) education, a work permit, and rental assistance to keep her family safe and secure. Today, she is a strong single parent, who can pay her bills and have a place for her kids to grow in a safe environment.
These are the success stories but we are always very mindful of the economic impact of unaddressed neglect and abuse–which is truly staggering. To address the policy changes needed, Safe & Sound has pioneered documenting these costs and advocating for prevention on a statewide level. And given the long-term impact of the cumulative stress on health and well-being, our merger with the Center for Youth Wellness has given us another platform to deepen our work addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) in one of our most vulnerable neighborhoods, the BayView Hunters Point community.
Safe & Sound’s impact on the individual, family, community and statewide level could not be accomplished without the ongoing commitment of our donors, volunteers, and dedicated employees.
We wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate all of these contributions and we look forward to an even greater impact in 2022.
P. Wayne Osborne
Laura Harrison Ward
Co-Chairs, Board of Directors

Coming Together to Strengthen Families Now & Into the Future

A Powerful Merger With One Goal - Supporting Our Families
“There has never been a more critical time for nonprofits to collaborate. Working together as one organization allows us to be more available and more responsive than ever before. Families in distress need access to basic, concrete goods, like food and diapers, as well as tools for parenting in times of crises and mental health services that can be coordinated with their primary care. Together, we offer a full spectrum of services that rise to meet the needs of the families we serve. We have a responsibility not only to ensure that families have access to immediate one-on-one support and services, but to change the systems that exacerbate familial stress and put young children at risk for developing a toxic stress physiology. Bringing our organizations together builds upon our existing partnership to broaden our reach in the community, strengthen our policy work, and deepen our support of community members’ own involvement in advocacy and the process of change,”
Gatanya Arnic
CEO of the Center for Youth Wellness
Katie Albright
CEO of Safe & Sound
In June 2021, the Center for Youth Wellness (CYW) and Safe & Sound merged to serve our community's urgent and dynamic needs in a more promising way. Together, we improve access to and delivery of integrated behavioral health services, family strengthening, and primary care treatment, which has been shown to be the most effective treatment model for people with multiple healthcare and safety needs. This includes creating partnerships between clinicians and providers, parents and caregivers, and the community through screening, education, engagement, policy, and advocacy.
Our approach to promoting families' resiliency and addressing intergenerational trauma has allowed us to be responsive to the community's need to address toxic stress and the impact of childhood trauma, neglect, and abuse. As one organization, we are working to accomplish the following:
Expand programming and critical response in San Francisco, particularly for families living in the Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhood;
Focus national attention to create conditions in communities that promote Protective Factors correlated to reduced risk of child maltreatment, including parental resilience, knowledge of parenting and child development, children's social-emotional learning, social connections, and concrete support;
Mitigate ACEs and toxic stress through technical assistance, training, and advocacy;
Integrate behavioral health, pediatric care, and family support under one roof; and,
Enhance operational efficiencies and long-term financial stability.
Since our merger, our partnership has proved essential to several organizational successes, including:
Launching a national effort to implement Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) screening and intervention in primary care settings: By studying our training model with enhanced learning technology, across several different healthcare settings, this project will provide critical information to national health care leaders to determine how to best integrate ACEs, toxic stress, and trauma-informed framework into pediatric primary care and how to effectively incorporate screening and its results into patient health care management.
Increasing stabilizing supports for families through the pandemic: We continue to witness a drastic increase in families requiring urgent help with basic needs—especially rental assistance—and we have prioritized delivering one-on-one services and stabilizing supports, creating virtual and socially-distant social connections to ease isolation; and supporting wellness with services that nurture resilience. Our merger has provided the infrastructure needed to bolster support to the Bayview Hunters Point community and throughout the City.
Convening, facilitating and engaging in 17 partnerships; adopted and refined 15 policies and protocols to improve the City’s family support and abuse prevention, and response systems. Statewide, we are partnering with the California Family Resource Associate, serving as its Policy Co-Chair, to advocate for a sustainable family strengthening field. Nationally, we work in collaboration with the Alliance for Strong Children & Families, Casey Family Programs, Futures Without Violence, National Family Support Network, and Prevent Child Abuse America, as well as the Children's Bureau at the US Department of Health and Human Services/Administration for Children and Families, to advocate for policies that sustain the mental and physical wellbeing of children, and develop a reformed system that provides more equitable and inclusive support for families.
Essential to sustaining and leveraging our recent accomplishments is our internal efforts to ensure we are integrating both organizations into a comprehensive approach that builds healthier futures for children and families.

Raising Awareness and Resources Through Events to Empower Children and Families

Ten Years of Cycling To End the Cycle of Child Abuse and Neglect: Russian River Ride
Eleven Years ago, Chris Keane, along with his friend Daniel Morillo came up with a new fundraising idea for Safe & Sound. They unfolded their expedition within their innercircle, who believed that no child should be abused or neglected. And, slowly the crew grew to twenty good friends (riders), who came together for one cause—to support Safe & Sound’s mission to strengthen families and prevent child abuse. For the past ten years, these passionate riders have dedicated every summer to spreading the message worldwide about the importance of keeping children safe and sound from child abuse and raising awareness about Safe & Sound’s mission.
Russian River Ride is a three-day ride from San Francisco to Russian River and back, covering almost 200 miles and climbing 16,000 feet. To date, the Russian River Ride has raised more than $527,489. Last year alone, these dedicated cyclists raised $117,000 from 700 donors (by just spreading the awareness within their families and friends). Our heartfelt thanks to our heroes for their unwavering support and for getting ready to pedal again this fall 2022.
“Often, the best parts of life happen when you follow a good friend, or good person who is about to become your good friend, down a rabbit hole. Even better, when there's a good cause involved. Welcome to The Russian River Ride”
Christopher J. Keane
Co-founder of Russian River Ride and former Board Chair of Safe & Sound.
Celebrating the Strength and Resilience of the Families We Serve
The 2021 Blue Ribbon Celebration was a roaring success, raising more than $1 million to support the vital programs and services for children and families in our community. A special thanks to our event Co-Chairs, Wayne Osborne, and Jillian Manus, who shared their personal stories and why they get connected and remain committed to our mission.
We were lucky to be joined by 4-time Grammy nominee Jewel who shared her personal journey towards resilience and perseverance. In an inspiring conversation and through song, Jewel reinforced the importance of staying connected to ourselves, our families, and our communities even during the most challenging time to stay safe and sound.
We also want to acknowledge YOU, our sponsors, supporters, and volunteers, who reaffirmed our mission that child abuse prevention is everyone’s goal by creating awareness of our work and a better future where every child is safe, protected, and loved.
“When I moved to San Francisco in 2014, Katie Albright reached out to me to serve as a host committee for this fabulous Blue Ribbon Luncheon Event. I thought it was a short commitment. Then I slowly started as a Co-Chair of the Board, and till today it's been an amazing experience in serving our community by ensuring every child has a safe and nurturing environment. And I believe my passion for kids and families led me all the way.”
Wayne Osborne
Blue Ribbon Event Co-Chair and Board of Directors, Co-Chair
Today, celebrating forty-nine years of delivering critical services to our community—Safe & Sound serves more than 8,000 adults and children in our community annually. Our Blue Ribbon Celebration provides an opportunity for the community to come together allowing Safe & Sound to provide these critical services and the impact of this event helps us rise to those challenges and meet them head-on with our partners, including the Family Resource Center Alliance. We would like to thank our volunteers, friends and supporters for their tremendous generosity in supporting our mission by keeping children safe.

Our Stories

"I often attend Safe & Sound's programs not because of a crisis but rather to help cope with the stressful challenges that my family and I face together every day. Safe & Sound helps me approach parenting thoughtfully and compassionately by sharing knowledge, resources and building social connections so that we thrive as a family. Safe & Sound has its door open to everyone and believes that every child deserves to grow up in a nurturing, secure, and loving environment no matter the situation."
Hear directly from Doris, a mom of two kids who shares how Safe & Sound has been an incredible resource for her family.
Over all Impact: 29% increase in the number of clients we served through programs and services
*Name has been changed for confidentiality reasons.
Children & Family Services:
Children and parents / caregivers supported with telehealth therapy, parent education classes, and other family strengthening programs.
Children who received new gifts from our Holiday Toy store.
virtual educational classes and workshops to families
"This pandemic brought hardship and uncertainty to many families like mine. I lost my job, could not pay rent, and worried about my family's well-being. It was the most stressful period. Safe & Sound helped us with financial assistance by covering the rent (rental assistance) and providing concrete support. Knowing that my kids are safe and they have basic needs and a house to live in this tough time is relieving. Thanks to Safe & Sound for being a vital lifeline for families in vulnerable situations."
shared her gratitude towards Safe & Sound and how her family survived the COVID-19 pandemic.
"After utilizing Safe & Sound services—attending our Parent Drop-In, parenting education classes, and therapy sessions—I am a confident parent now. I've built a solid relationship with my daughter and have become a strong advocate for her to ensure she receives support at home and school. Because of Safe & Sound's help, I regained partial custody of my daughter after several years."
mom of a teenager, connected with Safe & Sound seeking support after her 14-year-old daughter was removed from her care.
Community Education:
Students educated in safety awareness.
Parents and caregivers trained in child safety awareness.
TALK Line:
TALK Line phone counseling sessions.
Total minutes of TALK Line support for parents / caregivers.
Children & Family Services:
Meals to San Francisco children and families.
Children with a report of maltreatment in San Francisco
Children with a substantiated case of maltreatment in San Francisco
Estimated cumulative financial impact on the City and County of San Francisco for the 441 verified child survivors in 2021
In 2021, the City and County of San Francisco had 4,535 reported survivors of abuse, and 441 verified survivors of abuse. That's one child with abuse reported every 1.9 hours. Though these costs accrue over the course of the survivors’ lives, the community will continue to incur the same cost each year until we are able to reduce and ultimately end child abuse.

Volunteer Corner

Volunteers delivering support and resources
Total volunteering hours
Total value of volunteer services to our families and the community.
(Current Estimated National Value of Each Volunteer Hour Is $28.54)

This is where your Support went in 2021

2021 Revenue
Foundation & Corporate Grants
Government Grants
Other Income
Fundraising Events (net) & Donations
In-kind Revenue
Total Revenue
2021 Expenses
Children & Family Services
Community Education & Partnerships
Strategic Partnerships & Policy
Center for Youth Wellness
Management & General
Total Expenses
Through generous and one-time funding opportunities last year, Safe & Sound was able to secure a significant increase in funding to accommodate our increase in expenses, as well as secure funding for our partners through the Family Resource Center Alliance. Much of these funds were restricted to support COVID-19 relief efforts, both within Safe & Sound and through the FRC Alliance, requiring Safe & Sound to temporarily hold this funding for release until satisfying the conditions related to those funds’ restrictions.

The Safe & SoundTeam

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The California Governor's Office of Emergency Services

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Belinda Byrne

Brian Cahn

Nicole & Chris Cala

Thomas Calhoun Jr.

Brian Cameros

Brandon & Shawn Camp-Carter

Lucas Canisares

Linda Cannon

Roy Capatoy

Gina Caprari

Veronica Cardenas

Jennifer & Stephen Carlin

Andrea Carlson

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Cianne Le Chat

Josephine Chau

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Helena Chaye

Bart Cheever

Julianne Cheng

Larry Cheng

Elina & Ryan Chernis

Renee Chernus

Angela Cheung

Chevron Humankind Employee Funds

Karen Chik

Jennifer Chilton

Ramya Chitatoor

Shirley Chiu

John Choi

Younjeong Choi

May Chong

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Kathryn Christopher-Douglas

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Benjamin & Daiana Claravall

Barbara Clark

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Christopher Clarke

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Paul Collier

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Peter Commons

PG&E Company

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Justin Dancer

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Alexis Davis

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DBA Sacred Silks

Angela Deiana

Donn Denman

Debora DeNoia

Chris Derossi

Rajay Desai

Mike Devery

Denise Devine

Dan Dietterich

Leslie Dill

John Dillinger

Courtney Dillon

Martin DiQuattro

George & Roseanne Dobbins

Alexis Doctolero


Donna Dolislager & Alan Johnson

Justin Dombrowski

Boyd Donckels

Larry D Donner

Todd Dorfman

Toni Douaihy

Eric Downing

Lauren & Richard Downs

Dora Du

Eric Dubinsky

Prakarsh Duhoon

Mia Dunlap

Lisa Dunton

Christopher Duskin

Brian & Molly Dutkiewicz

eBay Foundation

Carolyn & Christopher Egan

Erin & Geoff Eisenberg

Beth & Howard Ellenberger

Whitney Ellis

James Ellison

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Bahadir Erimli

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Susan Eto & David Nicola

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Franklin Templeton Investments

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Harry Gaines

Malcolm Gaines & Seth Brenzel

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Shruti Gangakhedkar

Shantanu Ganguly

Mark Garcia

Monica Garcia

Bryson Gardner

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Philip Gerken

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Robyn Ghali

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Michael Giambona

Alyssa Gilbert

Benjamin Gilbert

John Gilligan

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Jacob Gimbel

Jane Ginsburg

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Stanton & Marsha Glantz

Michael Gleeson

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Lizelle B Green

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Meg & Andy Grundy

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Jen Heyman

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David Higgins

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Steffie Ho

Eva Ho

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Danielle M Hohos

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Kimberly Howard

Erick Howells

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Cameo Jones

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JP Morgan Chase Foundation

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Koop LLC

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Law Office of Paul DeAngelis

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Macy's Foundation

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Carrie Odom

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Melissa Oldrin

Daniel Olsen

Mark Olsen

Catherine O'Malley

On Time Logistics LLC

Ryan Ong

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Catherine OSullivan

Judith Ottoson

Scott Pacult

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Christina Paul

PayPal Giving Fund

Alex Pedenko

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Jennifer Pett-Ridge

Carolyn Pexton

PG&E Corporation Foundation

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Michael Rabbitt

Rachapudi Charitable Fund

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Sumanth Hoskere Ramaswamy

Thomas Ramet

Michelle Randall

Sarah Rardin

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Silicon Valley Bank

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Carol Valladao

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Juan Vargas

Varian Medical Systems

Johanna Vater & Jeff Diamond

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Frank Wong

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Kingston Wu

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Samuel Wu & Ellen Licking

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Elizabeth Yee

Chester Yeung

Anthony Yin

Oh Kyu Yoon

Lawrence You

Mark Young

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Brian Younkin

Umer Yousafzai

Andre Yousefi

C. Yousefi

Babak Yousefzadeh

Cristina Youtsey

Belinda Yu

Elaine Yu

Hong-Sze Yu

Alexander Yuan

Aamir Zakaria

Mohammd Suheb Zameer

Marco Zavaroni

Rui Zhang

Caroline Zhao

Susan Zief

Lauren Ziegler

Rico Zorkendorfer

Elizabeth Zuckerman

In Kind

ABC Tree Farms

Kathleen Daly

Holly Edson

Nancy Farese

Hellman Foundation

Janie and Jack LLC


Lisa Stone Pritzker

RISE Brewing Co.

San Francisco Giants

Alex Scotta

Sports Basement

Abigail Stewart-Kahn and Matthew Kahn

Neeracha Taychakhoonavudh & Sean Trabosh

Caroline Volk

Charles Weyand

Board of Directors

P. Wayne Osborne, Co-Vice Chair

Laura Harrison Ward, Co-Vice Chair

Erik S. Edwards, Secretary

Sarah H. Whitelaw, Treasurer

Bill Barnes

Tina Bou-Saba

Chuck Chai

Sylvia Deporto

Jason Di Piazza

Mary J. Hansell, DrPH, PHN, RN

Anthony Heckman

Aparna Kota, M.D.

Jillian Manus

Hilary Mendola

Linda Moore

Jarrod Phillips

Katie Riester

Christopher C. Stewart, M.D.

Neeracha Taychakhoonavudh

Douglas Tom

Angela Ty

Lisa Villarreal

Alisa Williams

Clarence Wooten

Lareina Yee

Honorary Directors

Kathy Baxter

Linda Cannon

Lorraine Cohen

Dr. Moses Grossman*

Patsy Jones

Lois Pavlow*

Sari Wade*

Ellen Wolfe*

Sue Wollack

*In Memoriam
Nathalie Olson-Studler Jenny Pearlman Beatrize Perez Marion Peterson Cheryl Polk Ashley Renick Katie Rivers Kelly Rodriguez William Roy Joyce Sabel Jessica Sananes Roxana Sanchez Mariea Orivae Santiago Frances Shell Jessica "Susy" Siebold Russell Stephens Andrew Tan Tommy Thach Magdalena Tobar Noelani Viloria Lydia Vincent-White Tishina Williams Larry Yip
Brianna Green Vrinda Gupta Joshua Halvorson Shimina Harris Cynthia Ho Daphne Humes Ashley Jackson Jessica Jaime Molly Jardiniano Christine Juang Ryan Jones Cameron Kinslow Anibal Lara-Ramirez Edward Lee Melina Leon Iona Lewis Linda Lodliemphrachanh Maribel Lopez-Romero Karissa Luckett PaulynRose Macadangdang Eduardo Mayorga Avivah McPherson Gabrielle Mejia Kyle Naganuma
Katie Albright Gatanya Arnic Abdulai Bah-Jalloh Tom Benson Suzanne Bergeron Monica Bucci Brian Byrdsong Pamela Candelaria Jessica Chau Ramya Chitatoor Christopher Cobb Luciana Corral Andre Cruz-Hill Quinn Davis Jillian Deblanc Charlie Dwyer Helena Edwards Ricardo Eugenio Christian "Sushi" Frausto Charlie Fredrick Jasmine Frye Isabelle Gaetz Malcolm Gaines Breanna Gentile Gabriela Gonzalez
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